Assigning patrons to Github “issues” section a key factor of successful team communication

The features that Github offers can easily be overlooked by developers as the projects alone tend to be the focal point of the team objective. Omitting the communication tool of Github can hinder the the platform experience which result in a delay of a team project.

The communication tool within Github directly corresponds with opening what is called an “issue”. Developers can open an issue and assign other team members to discuss the existing roadblocks that the project presents. Furthermore, only people whom are assigned to the “issue” that relates to the project can participate and view the existing dialog that the team members have engineered.

Once the issue is finished and all roadblocks resolved, the assigner can press the “close issue” button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This finishes the communication between all involved parties that were assigned to that issue.

Communication within Github is a very imperative aspect of a development teams’ project process. Teams can create a dialog that is helpful for their tasks that need to be completed. This can result in a rich experience in the areas of collaboration, development and support using the Github platform.



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