Exercise “Snacking” a more efficient way to exercise for people with no time.

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By Scott Foley

The typical 40 min to 1hr workout for people with busy schedules is an extremely challenging task. Balancing our work schedules, children, and other responsibilities we have makes working out an extremely difficult goal to find the time for that 40 minute yoga session or 1 hour gym routine etc. What would be an viable solution for this type of person with a busy schedule? Exercise snacking! could be a perfect fit for busy individuals that need to get solid workouts in for the day.

Photo by Pixabay

What is Exercise Snacking?

Exercise snacking is form of exercise that entail quick burst of movements that accelerates the heart rate. This type of exercise can be completed over a 5 min, 10, or even 15 minute duration multiple times throughout a 24 hour day. Exercise snacking can be a variety of movements such as brisk walking, running, athletic drills, and high intensity weight training.

Photo by Pixabay

Benefits of exercise snacking

Benefits from exercise snacking are high and the results can improve metabolism, increase aerobic fitness levels, help gain more strength and can even show signs of balanced blood sugar. Studies have shown that consistently “snacking” can help the our bodies break down fat and improve blood sugar control. However, sitting all day at that office job can cause our metabolism to drop making it an uphill battle when it come to weight loss.Getting our bodies up and moving just for a few moments gives us a better experience with boosting our heart and metabolic rate. What is the most beneficial part? it does not have to take up your morning or evening to exercise, people can fit snacking in throughout your day!

Exercises and tips for snacking

There are plenty of exercises that people can do throughout the day as a snack. Running in place, jumping jacks, high knee runs, butt kicks, jump roping, lunges, lung running, squats, jump squats, lateral movements jumps, brisk walking etc. These examples of snacking can be done in 5 min, 10 or 15 minute sessions with longer periods of rest. The question still resides, how often should we snack exercise throughout the day? How much rest should I take between snack sessions? Well, research recommends that you should snack 3 times per day, with one to four hour rest periods in between each snack exercise.


Exercise snacking is great option for people with very little to no time for physical activity. Snacking, benefits us in so many ways such as improving our metabolic rate, cardiovascular health, and increasing our strength and possibly helping with weight loss. People with busy lives can benefit from snacking because individuals have more time in the morning and in the evening when exercise traditionally consumes their time with a 1 hour exercise routine. Snacking can be spread throughout a 24 hour day in 5, 10 and 15 minute spurts and researchers recommend snacking about 3 times per day. Happy Snacking!



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